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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Shelving and Upper Cabinets

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You will see a lot of traditional cabinets in traditional kitchens. However, by matching and mixing modern designs with the ordinary storage choices, modern homeowners are breaking the mold. Though there are a lot of advantages if you prefer upper cabinets in the kitchen, open shelving is rapidly gaining popularity today. It’s changing every modern kitchen into more functional and open areas.

But, both storage and cabinet styles have their benefits and drawbacks, just like any element in a kitchen remodel.

Upper Cabinets

For traditional kitchen cabinets Ohio, there are elegant and various choices out there, from completely tailored solid-wood cabinets to minimalist shaker designs. You can avail upper cabinets from custom-cabinet producers, online retailers, and big-box stores. Thus, it’s simple to look for a design that suits well for the look and needs of the kitchen.


Upper cabinets can be found in almost every kitchen and there is a reason for that. Their ideal feature is functionality. Also, they can bring various advantages, which makes them the best option for a lot of homes.

  • Style – Best for traditional aesthetic or minimalist design, upper cabinets are as elegant as they’re a useful kitchen component.
  • Cohesion – Also, you will have to select the color, finish, and hardware to produce cohesion with every other design element in your kitchen whenever you’ve got upper cabinets.
  • Storage – You could have a lot of space to hide away or store kitchen appliances with the ideal configuration of this cabinet design.


It can be difficult to look for a con with all the pros of upper cabinets. But, if you’re planning your kitchen redesign around this cabinet design, there are several aspects that you’ve got to consider.

  • Cost – The cost of upper cabinets could be a huge investment. This is especially true if you want any tailored materials, sizes, or features.
  • Space – Traditional upper cabinets require plenty of space in your room. This could make your kitchen feel darker or smaller than it really is.

Open Shelving

Open shelve design is influencing the industry of kitchen styles, from tiered shelving on every kitchen wall to single shelves. This latest design aspect mixes a special look with storage functionality. However, there are some aspects that you have to consider before changing your existing room into an open-feel and sleek kitchen.


The main benefit to open shelve design is the capability of opening the whole feel of the room. Open shelves prevent breaking up space with solid and stark fixtures compared to traditional upper cabinets.


  • Maintenance – You may have to dust and clean frequently since open shelving comes more exposed to indoor air.
  • Lack of Privacy – You cannot hide your ugly packaged food, dirty appliances, and outdated dishes with open shelving. Thus, when choosing if you need the closed doors of standard cabinets, you have to consider this.
  • Busy Look – It can be useful to see every single one of your kitchen items. However, it could contribute to a cluttered or busy feelin the room if you have your things displayed.
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