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Having your own kind of website would be a great way and tool to make your business well-known and famous. It creates an atmosphere to your customer and client to reach out your company easily by looking at the website’s detail. A lot of businessmen and even ordinary people would look immediately the website of a certain company or restaurant to check and inspect some of the good things that the company or site is offering. SEO experts believes that there are many factors and elements needed in order for the website or the page to rank higher in the search engine. In this way, your site will be the first one to be seen when someone searches for something that your company or firm and even establishment is related about.  This is going to be useful and necessary. Here are some of the examples of the needed and important elements when you want to make your website ranks higher and be on top of everyone’s list. 


  1. According to the study, the content of the site is one of the basis and element to make your site be on top of others. It needs to be very smart in a way the it sounds and looks comprehensive to readers. It should be full of knowledge about the certain topic. In this way, it would be a great way to attract visitors to visit your site. You need to have a complete information and thought of your articles. It needs to be reliable and must have all the necessary information that a person wants. For example, you are going to search something on google. You want to know about Labrador and all you need to do is to type the word Labrador in the search box and after a second you would see the result. The one with most comprehensive details would rank first or be on the top list.  
  2. A lot of people don’t know much about backlink domain. It is about putting a word and then hyperlink that one with another URL. It is like interlinking with others. In this way, it gives more chances to be visited and have some more reliable way to be on the top of the list.  
  3. As time becomes more advanced and everything depends on what they can hand more conveniently. Website owners wanted their sites to be friendlier to a lot of users. They are creating the website to be suited to be seen using the mobile phone. Of course, if you are using the desktop or the computer it would be very easy for you to appreciate the site as you can see and navigate it clearly and well. But for those others, it would be a nice experience If they can open and navigate as well the same way to the computer ability.  
  4. Others that might be included here are the headings and of course the anchor text that you are using in your articles and blog’s posts.  
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